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Our Team

Mike Ledney
Director of Analytics

Mike Ledney has dedicated nearly 20 years to the hands on design, development, and delivery of analytic solutions across a variety of industries including Automotive, Finance, and Consumer Packaged Goods. His primary expertise includes the application of advanced statistical modeling and econometric forecasting techniques to derive insight into the factors driving market movements and financial efficiency. He is similarly skilled at managing the design and implementation of data warehousing systems and interactive business intelligence tools to support analytic automation and insight delivery.

Mike previously managed the Automotive Residual Value analysis and data teams for Premier Lease & Loan Services. Tools and techniques developed there have been in continuous use since 2000. He then built and ran analytic franchises supporting consumer good clients including Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Campbell’s, and Aramark.

Mike holds a PhD in Analytic Chemistry from Ohio State University.