Temporary Auto Protection

Temporary Auto Protection enables a dealership to provide its customers with proof of full coverage insurance so the customer can take delivery of their newly purchased vehicle.

The Need

Daily, dealers face the issue of potential customers being unable to provide proof of insurance coverage at time of sale. American Risk Services’ Temporary Auto Protection program is designed to address this problem.

The Solution – TAP

ARS’ Temporary Auto Protection program enables the dealer to instantly bind coverage so the customer can take delivery of the vehicle. Proof of coverage is printed to satisfy the state, the finance company, the customer, and the dealership.

TAP will enable the dealer to take control of customers’ insurance objections to produce more sales. Also, the finance contracts are cashable because TAP proof of insurance is provided with the deal to the finance company. No more funding delays due to insurance.

The Benefits

  • Proof of coverage is printed to satisfy the state, the finance company, the customer, and the dealership.
  • Dealer plates are an extremely dangerous way to put a car on the road. The liability to the dealer is great. TAP eliminates this risk.
  • Local agents typically spiff the referring salesperson, while the dealer management is unaware. Sharing of insurance commissions is illegal, and the dealership can suffer a regulatory or legal action. Avoid this risk by using TAP.

The Opportunities

  • Late night / weekends/ after-hours - insurance agents are often unavailable to either add or verify coverage
  • 100% acceptance - Out of State or International driver’s licenses, Snowbirds, Military, 1st time buyers, no prior insurance, children on parent’s policy all qualify
  • No driver’s license check or qualification. 18 and older is only stipulation
  • Most 800 and web insurance services are credit scored, often significantly increasing the cost of insurance to the customer
  • Many 800 and web insurance services offer GAP, Service Contracts, and other services which compete with the F&I Department for back end gross $$
  • Available during Tropical Storms and Hurricane warnings

Ease of Use

  • Simply log in and use the secured username and password provided to the Dealership management team
  • Fill out the basic Buyer’s Order information and select the number of days coverage at state limits or lease limits
  • Upon completion, documents are easily printed for the customer and the dealership
  • The entire process takes less than a minute
  • No sign up fees. No monthly fees. Pay only for coverage ordered


Kirk Saunders – Director of Sales

Joe McGinnis – Sales

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